MASYB Communications LTD. produces, imports, exports and markets intercom systems. The company was formed in 2010. We specialize in various solution for intercom systems in residential building and business offices. Some of our products include home intercom systems and  7” touch screen intercoms. Our intercom systems are able to integrate to most existing systems

In addition, we provide guidance and support for the various systems. We are able to integrate the old technology with the new technology and aim to give the building panel and house a modern sleek look.  We make sure that the installer receives the best service and we are committed to the installers’ satisfaction 

We provide unique and innovative solutions in the intercom field

.We have a professional staff that is knowledgeable in the field of intercom services

.We will always be happy to give you advice on our field of expertise with no prior commitment

Solutions at home

MASYB has a professional team with extensive experience in the field of intercom. We invest in developing and designing products along with giving customer service. Our company markets the intercom systems for licensed installers in order to provide our customers with a high level of safety and security.

Quick Setup

IP intercom systems      only 2 wires 

Becoming Integrated

Intercom systems are integrated into existing systems

Touch Screen

Advanced intercom screen for IP systems


A user friendly app

Israeli Design and Development

Sample number 61749

Contact us

Our company provides systems to professional installers in the intercom field along with solutions for all types of projects
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